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Gigi Hadid is certainly raking in the big bucks now that she’s a successful supermodel, but the 21-year-old millionaire’s still got nothing on her father. Mohamed Hadid, 67, is positively loaded — and the proof is in his incredible Bel Air mansion, luxuriously named Le Belvédère.

Mohamed Hadid, a Jordanian-American real estate developer, clearly knows a thing or two about building luxury hotels and mansions if his own palatial pad is anything to go by. He lives with his financée Shiva Safai inside a 48,000 square foot Bel Air mansion which has made the front page of this month’s Harper’s Bazaar Arabia magazine.


Their house is so fancy, in fact, that it even has its own website where you can learn about the millions of features and rooms the house has.

The 40,000-square-foot property was sold for $50 million to international buyers in 2010, but the new owners never actually moved in, reports The Real Deal. Since then, Mohamed Hadid has been living in the property by renting it back from the buyers.


Click through the gallery to see more photos of this truly royal mansion!


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