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Since the Queen Elizabeth hasn’t been feeling very well lately rumor has it that the world’s longest serving monarch might be stepping down from the throne. As speculations about the Queen’s health are been raised, the question whether Kate Middleton will sit on the throne next is stronger than ever. Despite several rumors over the last few months that Kate and William may completely take the royal duties, it’s not very likely that the Duchess of Cambridge will be crowned the next queen, just yet.


If the queen gives up her throne, retires or dies, the next in line to sit on the throne will be Prince Charles, the eldest son. Prince Charles has the title of Prince of Wales and is also known as Duke of Rothesay and the Duke of Cornwall. However, this will not make his wife, Camilla, the queen, after their affair when he was married to the late Princess Diana.


Charles’ oldest son, Prince William, would then become the new Prince of Wales and the heir to the throne. His oldest child, George Alexander Louis, is now third in line to the British throne. Princess Charlotte, the daughter of Middleton and Prince William is fourth in line to the throne.

In Britain, the crown is normally passed from the monarch to the eldest son. As King George VI had no son, the crown passed to his elder daughter, Queen Elizabeth II. However, in 2011, the Act of Settlement was changed before Prince George’s birth, to ensure succession would not be affected by gender of the child.


The Queen believes that the future of the royal family relies on Kate Middleton, Prince William, and Prince Harry. This is because they are the ones who are making the most publicity for the royal family most especially with Kate who makes headlines right away the moment she steps out.

At this point, the Duchess of Cambridge has no choice but to step up and possibly focus more on attending to her royal duties most especially that Queen Elizabeth’s future is uncertain. There are also reports claiming that the Queen might make the announcement of her retirement in 2017 so there is really a need for her to change her perspective of work.


Kate really wants to move to London because she loves her life in Norfolk, but she has to remember that the moment she moves to London, she needs to make more public appearances more and that she won’t be able to use her children as an excuse not to work.

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