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Just like shaping your eyebrows, cutting your hair is a beauty task best left to the professionals, sometimes, though, we have the urge to try all of these at home. When it comes to hair though there are some rule you need to follow. Follow Carli Bybel’s easy steps to cut your hair at home!

*Tip: Don’t forget to buy a sharp pair of scissors. The first step in cutting your hair at home is to invest in the right tools. You will need a sharp pair of hair cutting scissors (not just any old scissors you have lying around at home) and a fine-toothed comb.

  • Hair cutting scissors are easily available at beauty supply stores – you can find them pretty cheaply, somewhere in the $25 to $50 range. If you don’t want to buy a hair cutting scissors, a fabric scissors will do – just make sure it’s really sharp.
  • Using dull scissors is a bad idea as you will find it harder to cut your hair and may end up giving yourself split ends – which defeats the purpose of giving yourself a haircut in the first place!



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