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Kim Kardashian’s diet and fitness routine might not be the easiest, the fact that she lost all of the 60 pounds she gained since giving birth to her second child shows that whatever she’s doing it’s certainly effective. Kim’s nutritionist, Colette Heimowitz, VP of nutrition and education at Atkins Nutritionals broke down the most important points of her diet.

She followed a strict low-carb Atkins diet which involves resisting pasta temptation, hitting the gym and cooking herself different meals to the rest of the family – Kim has tirelessly Snapchatted and tweeted the details of her diet. Apparently, KIm never goes above her strict 1,800 calorie limit – even when she’s doing intense workouts.

Colette said: “You’re taking in 1,800 calories and enough protein to turn your body mass into muscle. There’s no need to adjust it for someone working out.”

“And so it was a nice balance, a steady weight loss over the six months after her pregnancy.” Kim then ditched the carbs completely, before switching her meals up again. She now allows herself a side of brown rice, quinoa, sweet potato or baked potato.

It’s easy to eat like her. If you want to, you can even steal her meal plan:

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