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Mila Kunis decided to surprise her parents by giving their home, that they have lived in for 20 years, a complete makeover! Mila worked with Houzz  – a home design company and designer Breeze Giannasio to get the job done.

The actress was nine months pregnant with her son Dimitri when she started the project but that didn’t stop her from trying to break down the first wall.

“I might be nine months pregnant, but if anyone is knocking down that wall, it’s me,” Mila said.

She also brought her husband Ashton Kutcher to see the finished place.  Her mother got very emotional the moment she walked into their new home and seeing what Mila has done for them.  “There’s just so much more air and light in that room, and I think that will translate into their whole life,” Mila said. “I definitely think there’s gonna be a lot more Sunday dinners there.”

Watch the video below:

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