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Meryl Streep got her 20th Oscar nomination for her portrayal of one of the worst opera singers of all time – Florence Foster Jenkins, which makes her the most nominated performer in Oscars history.  She had to learn several arias for the Stephen Frears film: ’Then I had to learn how to sing them badly,’ she told the Daily Mail.


Three-times an Oscar winner, Streep has received nominations sixteen times in the best actress category, and four times as best supporting actress.
Katherine Hepburn and Jack Nicholson were nomination a dozen times each, though Hepburn won four Oscars for best actress while Nicholson won two best actor honours and one for best supporting actor.

Just a few weeks ago Meryl was blasted as “overrated” by no less than the president of the United States and today after  she handed a record-shattering 20th Oscar nomination she simply replied to it with this GIF:


Go Meryl, we feel you!

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