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The 19-year-old ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’ star, who rekindled her romance with the ‘Rack City’ rapper in June this year after a brief split in May, has reportedly been made to feel “insecure” by her beau and treats cosmetic surgery as a “security blanket” to keep Tyga interested.

Harper?s Bazaar Celebrates ICONS party, New York Fashion Week, USA - 09 Sep 2016

A source close to the star said: “Kylie’s obsessed with looking like Tyga’s ultimate Barbie doll. She’s already had two boob jobs and wants two more to take her to a DD. She’s had a mini face-lift and Lipodissolve on her waist, upper arms and thighs. The size of her bum is down to fillers that she’s continuing to use. She’s hooked on surgery – it’s becoming a security blanket.”


However the television personality has told friends and family she is taking her beauty overhaul “slowly”, although others think differently. The source explained to Now! magazine : “Kylie tells herself she’s doing it slowly and subtly, as her mum Kris and sister Kim advised her, but she’s not. Overnight her lips and breasts have exploded in size and now her butt’s getting bigger. She’s had so much liposuction off her waist people are wondering if she had a rib removed.”


Meanwhile, the beauty mogul – who built up her beauty empire Kylie Cosmetics over two years before launching the ever-expanding e-store earlier this year – has ditched her platinum blonde locks and recently dyed her hair back to its original brunette shade thanks to the assistance of hair stylist Tokyo Stylez. Kylie documented her dye job on Snapchat on Wednesday (23.11.16), proclaiming “it’s time” over a close-up shot of some dark hair.

Celebrity Sightings in New York City - September 8, 2016

And at one stage during the tricky process, Kylie ended up a red-head as her hairdresser began darkening her hair in stages, and teased she was considering keeping the bold colour with a Snapchat post stating “Maybe?” But Kylie was thrilled to go back to her roots, and when the dye job was complete, she shared a picture of the finished look and wrote: “It’s me again”.

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