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Kim Kardashian has responded to President Donald Trump’s immigration ban by sharing a chart of statistics which show just how often Americans are killed by ‘Islamic jihadist immigrants’. She tweeted ‘Statistics’ with the chart, where it shows that only two Americans are killed annually by ‘Islamic jihadist immigrants’, versus over 11,000, who are killed by gun violence at the hands of other Americans.

By contrast, armed toddlers kill 21 people per year. Lawnmowers kill 69, and falling out of bed kills 737 annually.
The biggest number 11,737 Americans are shot and killed by their fellow citizens.


Donald Trump signed an executive order on Friday that suspends the arrival of refugees for at least 120 days and bars visas for travelers from seven Muslim majority countries for the next three months.

Kim’s sister Khloe also has responded to the news with a tweet:

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