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Khloe Kardashian signed up for a campaign that centres around Protein World’s 30 Day challenge. This is a weight loss challenge for women who want to “feel more confident and comfortable in [their] own skin, lose baby weight, or just show their ex what he’s missing”.


“This is a new day for the brand, it has to move forward, many brands have been associated with issues in the past that they want to move forward from and we believe people and brands deserve a second chance.” Khloe says she has been using Protein World’s Slender Blend “for a while now and have grown to love the shakes”.


Yates added: “There’s no bullshit with Khloe. She would not do a six-month brand campaign with Protein World unless she was absolutely using it and loving it. This was absolutely not about a cynical brand endorsement, this came from the heart.”

Khloe said: “Training can be hard sometimes: remember, if you fall down and if you mess up on your diet don’t stay down. You get back up and you say ‘OK tomorrow I’m going to work out a little bit harder’.”


Yates concluded: “It is very easy to criticise the word empowerment when you have not had challenges. Let me tell you that as a black male in a predominantly white industry I have faced my own challenges and I’ve been delighted when I felt empowered and my mentors offered me empowerment. Empowerment is a great thing to offer somebody and I think a brand that offers people an opportunity to change and improve themselves – if they want to – should be applauded and not criticised for that.”


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