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Getting bigger, fuller lips is a common goal   – scroll down and click through the gallery to learn to use makeup and other home remedies to make your lips bigger.


Exfoliate your lips before applying make-up. Basic facial scrubs can be used on the lips as well as the rest of the skin on the face. These do a great job cleansing pores and exfoliating dry, dead skin from the surface. Spend a few minutes massaging this into your lips to remove flaky skin cells that will keep your lips from looking full and healthy.
You can make a natural sugar scrub at home with equal parts of sugar and olive oil, or you can buy these products at most beauty supply outlets. You can also gently brush your lips with a dry toothbrush.


Hydrate your lips to keep them looking full. Hydrating your lips will keep them from drying out and peeling under your lipstick. You can use a variety of moisturizers and lip balms to keep the skin on your lips from becoming too dry. Try to apply moisturizer ever day, especially if it’s cold, or especially dry and windy out.

  • When applying makeup, start by applying a layer of moisturizer to the outside of your lips and your face. Let it absorb before applying your make-up. You can use a lip balm or a moisturizing face serum on your lips.
    Hydrate from the inside out as well. This means drinking a minimum of 64oz (8 cups) of water per day. This is not only healthy for your body but it keeps your skin, and lips, hydrated.


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