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The 30 year-old mom wore a gown that had a deep slit, going all the way up on each side, held together by safety pins and on top of that it totally seemed like she forgot to put some underwear on.

We think that Chrissy managed to pull off that super tricky and risky outfit, pairing it with several chunky gold bangles and multiple rings and she finished the look with black and gold strappy heels that she tied around her ankles.

Over all the former Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue cover girl looked confident and stunning while posing on the carpet with her husband John Legend.

Recently Chrissy has talked about celebrities’ post-baby bodies and admitted that she has tons of help getting her to her pre-baby Luna body and tonight she proved that that doesn’t stop her, though, from being proud of the results of all that hard work.

She joked on Twitter that she had to shave “above the knee” for the occasion.

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