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Check out these super useful tips from Jillian McMichael and successful members who were once in the same spot as you.

1.Stay Motivated

The first thing that is necessary is to stay positive and get rid of all the negative thinking. I hung up affirmations on my bathroom mirror to look at as reminders. You have to ask yourself why you want to lose weight. If it is for a short term reason (i.e. a wedding, a reunion, etc.), what is going to keep the weight off long term?  – Fit4Life2012

If you’re not into daily affirmations, consider posting a picture of when you looked your BEST on your fridge to stop you from late-night snacking. Short-term goals are great, but you definitely need to think long term as well, think big picture — your daughter’s wedding or a high school reunion, don’t you want to look your best for those events whenever they actually happen? – NutritionSeeker


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