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Jasmine Tookes is wearing the Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bra during the company’s annual fashion show this November and she’ll be the third African American woman to wear the extravagant lingerie set. She said: “I feel like it’s a milestone for Victoria’s Secret for me to be wearing the bra and I’m glad that I can represent that for them and for all the girls in the world.” However there’s another reason Tookes was picked for the campaign and that appears to be her stretch marks.


Victoria’s Secret recently released photos of Jasmine that were completely untouched with stretch marks clearly visible on the 25-year-old’s side! The multibillion brand had no comment on whether some kind of manipulation was involved in the shoot or not.


“The reason people retouch bodies is because they’re just trying to sell you something,” an anonymous retoucher for the brand told Refinery29. In most of the other images of the model featured in the ads, campaigns, commercials, and other shots for the brand, her skin seems airbrushed to appear entirely smooth.

When the American Eagle vowed not to Photoshop their girls in 2014, it actually caused a 20 percent boost in sales. After seeing what body positivity does for revenue, it’s possible that Victoria’s Secret is looking for the same results. Time will tell, but we definitely are all for it, knowing that stretch marks are something absolutely normal and common with an estimated 80 percent of Americans having them.

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