With the Presidential Election on November 8th, 2016, Hillary has gotten herself in some heat.  Lets just admit it, this entire election race has been one big disappointment.  The ones running are suppose to inspire us; their actions are suppose to leave high standards to follow.  The manner in which they conduct themselves should be of the utmost professional and honest level.  But is this happening, no its not!  The candidates are in the area to serve the public; not do that job 50% of the time.  Watching most of the previous elections over the years, was still very disappointing with a lot of belittling and name calling.  Nothing had changed in this election; in fact its gotten worse.  When did it ever become OK to have our leaders campaigning to lead the free world by shaming their opponents during their campaign race to get votes.  When did our citizens get so dumped down that they started accepting that as normal.  Why didn’t our scholars stand up and enforce a better standard of exchange and sportsmanship?

“None of the above” is what comes to mind when listening to Hillary Clinton talk about herself and her opponent, Donald Trump.  I have no favorites in this election.  In fact, I will not be voting.  The hard issues that are facing the citizens of the United States of America are not being discussed.  Instead dirty handed tricks are being played out at the 11th hour to get ahead.

I had a conversation with one of my associates in media about all that is happening now in Politics.  Is Hillary innocent on all that she is being accused of by Trump?  I don’t know and if she did lie and covered it up.  The law should come down hard on her.  I am seeing all the supporters of Hillary Clinton come down hard against the director of the FBI, James Comey.  Of all the other issues that were relevant to Americans that all the Hillary supportors should’ve pressed the FBI hard on, they didn’t.  Its gotta make you wonder, what favors did Hillary promise to media giants and other senators for them to be putting so much pressure on Comey.  If Hillary has nothing to hide; being in politics for over 30 years, how could she not know that having a private server to store government emails is and always has been against the law?  Just look at how much time this incident has taken up in discussion on news channels and media outlets.  If your standing up to lead the free world; then show it by having accountability of your own actions.  People may have been dumped down by media content; but they are not stupid.

Donald Trump

Trump, don’t get us started with this guy.  The way he speaks and insults people.  Its just horrible, unacceptable.  Lets put all that aside for a moment.  Can Trump fix the country?  Just because he’s a billionaire doesn’t mean he is fit to lead.  Sure he may create new jobs, but since he hasn’t come clean with his taxes, how can we really trust him?  But is the economy the only focus?  No.  There is education, health care.  And no, Canada is not opening up its doors, we checked, if Donald wins!

Are the elections rigged?  Maybe they are, maybe they aren’t.  But its gotta make you wonder.  Remember that narrow win that Bush had over Gore, and the media without waiting for the full results or entertain a recount; declared Bush the winner.  I found that unfair, very shady and why that was allowed by law, questions that very fabric of the system.  Are the voting computers rigged; I don’t know.  But with so much stuff coming out, why don’t the candidates just come clean and accept accountability of their actions.  The seat that they want to sit in, is bigger than them.  And the media seems to be in one or the others candidates pocket, or support list.  We always thought, media should not take sides.  CNN, The New York Times, WSJ, etc are on Hillary’s side.  Fox News seems to be on Trump’s side.

Both Presidential candidates have shown poor leadership to lead the country and the young generation.

What are your thoughts?  Will you be voting and for who and why?  Share your thoughts and comments below.