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The pencil skirt is universally flattering to women of all height. They are one of those clothing pieces that celebrates women of all shapes and sizes. It is very important to get a perfectly fitted skirt that contours your body and is not too tight. Avoid skirts that are too clingy and opt for one that is significantly wider around the hem area.


You can wear one that hugs your figure evenly with hem that falls right above your knee will elongate your legs – pair it with pointy nude heels to give you extra height.

Leather Pencil Skirt for Chic Urban Look

Pencil skirts come in lots of lengths, show off your legs with an above-the-knee skirt and stilettos or rock it casual with a long skirt and stylish flats or sneakers.



The Elegant and Classic Office Look

Stick to soft neutral colors. When in doubt, go minimalist with black-on-black or black and white and leave your accessories at home.



Night Out Look

If you want to go glam match it with silver and gold accessories like chandelier earrings, sparkling statement necklaces and bangles for bracelets.



The Special Occasion Look

A sophisticated wedding calls for a classic style with a sleek silhouette. Turn in your wild patterns and frills for pearls, and if you’re a little more daring, red heels.



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